Custom web and mobile software development
for startup to medium sized businesses


Our Process

Helping clients from idea inception, through
implementation and insuring their maximum impact.

strategy and design

Strategy and

custom software development

Web and Mobile

launch and support

Launch and


Strategy and Design

Through our "Project Definition" phase we learn everything that's important about your project. We create the necessary documents and wireframes to ensure an accurate and complete understanding of your vision.

Then we turn that data over to our engineering team where we work to provide a realistic cost and delivery timeframe. Something the "Agile" community has moved away from in lieu of never-ending sprints and costs.

Our unique methodology provides clients the ability to budget, while allowing our developers the necessary time and flexibility to create quality solutions, quickly and on time.


Web and Mobile Development

You can have your cake and eat it too. Our development process starts out with a full prototyping phase. It's followed by a unique iteration process that ensures we deliver features on a regular basis, while keeping within our scope and delivery timelines.

With engineers experienced in all phases of the development lifecycle and specialties in all the major frameworks, languages and technologies, we are always ready to take on new and exciting challenges with the capabilities to tackle them.

  • iPhone

  • Android

  • Ruby

  • PHP

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • HTML 5

  • CSS

  • Python

  • .NET


  • Cloud Service


Launch and Support

The launching of a project is usually the end of a typical engagement - but not with us, we see it as the beginning of a partnership. Sure we can hand the project off, but we'd rather help you through your delivery.

It takes experience to be ready for all that comes with launching your project, and we've got the ability to help. With strategic partnerships in all aspects of project delivery, we help with marketing, technical support, customer service, and of course adding new features.

With Inceptures, you're never alone!

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"If I had asked people what they wanted,
they would have said 'faster horses.'""
-Henry Ford

Meet Our Team

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Meet the people who make it rain.

Levi Pruss

Chief Executive Officer

Levi founded Inceptures with the vision of providing tech innovators with a gateway to pursue and develop their ideas. With a strong belief in team collaboration and empowerment, Levi seeks to create an open platform for entrepreneurs to leverage today's technologies and fix real world problems.

Andre Castillo

Head of Engineering

As a technology generalist, Andre has dabbled in many aspects of the development lifecycle. Business Analysis, Project Management, and recruiting. His favorite aspect of being an engineer by far is time spent solving complex problems, and telling funny stories.

Jacob (Kobi) Cohen

Head of Finance

Kobi has many years of Financial Management expertise in a wide variety of industries. He graduated from the University of Tel Aviv with degrees in Economics and Social Science. He has been a catalyst for a series of business startups and growth oriented initiatives.

Chris Santos

Software Architect

Chris is a software engineering generalist, tech enthusiast and Entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience planning, designing, and developing software applications with a wide range of technologies and programming languages for both startup and enterprise.

Konrad Gungor

Lead UI/UX Designer

Konrad has over 5 years' experience in UX/UI design with a focus on usability and functionality. As a freelance artist he has worked with some of the biggest corporations as well as start-ups and small businesses.

Aldo Delgado

Solutions Engineer

Aldo has a passion for coding efficient and innovative web applications. With commercial experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation, Aldo helps find solutions for clients at all levels of business.

Anuvis Mejia

Software Engineer

One of Miami’s Wyncode finest graduates. The environments Anuvis enjoys the most is one where the team can pump out great applications and Inceptures has that. He enjoys tech scene and looks forward to more years of app creations. #Inceptures #wemakeapps

Stephen Witte

Software Engineer

After graduating from Wyncode Fort Lauderdale Stephen is ready to create amazing and efficient apps at Inceptures. Stephen is a big fan of technology no matter how it's used and is looking forward to being on the cutting edge of the South Florida tech scene!

Raul Rivero

Software Engineer

Raul studied Computer Science in his native Cuba. As an engineer he enjoys solving complex real-world problems and has spent 4+ years experience working across engineering teams focused on delivering high-quality code for web and mobile products.

Adnan Fuentes

Software Engineer

Adnan Fuentes Diaz is a Software Engineer who graduated in 2011. He worked for three years at the University of Informatics Science as a software engineer while also teaching post graduate courses on software integration. During this time Mr.Fernandez developed enterprise level applications using C#, C++ and Java.

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